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Prior to making an application for registration it is advisable to make an inspection of the Indian Trade Marks Registry records to make sure that registration may not be denied in view of similarity of the proposed mark to already registered trademarks and pending applications. Trademark search provide you with information about a mark's availability by providing information about pre-existing trademarks, and the status of those trademarks . A trade mark is one of the most valuable marketing tools . Brand identity can be crucial to success in the marketplace. Trademark identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods . However, a ll trademarks are not registrable. To be registrable, a trademark shall be distinctive, not contrary to law or morality and shall not be identical or similar to a prior trademark claiming similar goods or services, which are likely to create a risk of confusion for consumers. M arks are considered to be confusingly similar under the Indian Trade Marks Act if they are sound alike, look alike or have the same meaning or commercial expression. It is through the searching process that one can ascertain whether the proposed mark is capable of registration . The first step in a trademark registration in India is to conduct a trademark search. Therefore if you are considering filing for a new mark, we strongly advise you carrying out a trademark search.

Advice and assistance when applying for a trade mark, and professional searches of the PMG trademark database are available on nominal charge. We provide information between 48 hours after receiving the online-order.

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